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Why An Application for Hair Extensions?

Why An Application for Hair Extensions?

I realize that to some, filling out an application to become a guest at my salon might be a new experience.  I would like to explain why I use an application and hope that it makes you more comfortable to fill it out already!
I Would Like to Introduce Myself

I Would Like to Introduce Myself

In my very first blog post you will learn about me and my brand and what got me started on the hair extension journey.


I LOVE MY NBR EXTENSIONS! They look so natural and are easy to style. The biggest shift I noticed though is the impact on my confidence. Typically I throw my hair back in a bun, now with extensions I have a full pony, or I love to wear it down. I feel more like myself, excited to show up in spaces and shine. Thank you Ashley!

Emily Millar

When I first contacted Ashley about getting NBR hair extensions I had tried clip ins for a while but I knew I wanted something that looked and felt more natural especially after going through postpartum hair loss. I had seen adds about hand tied hair extensions on Instagram and I was very curious- the hair looked amazing and so natural. I did some research and found information on NBR and how it is gentle on your hair and I knew that was what I wanted. Then I called Ashley and I am so happy I did! I finally have the hair I have always wanted! It gives me a confidence boost and it’s actually low maintenance! I wash my hair once a week and my style lasts the whole week too. They are also super comfortable to the point sometimes I forget I have extensions in. I am a nurse and a mom of two small boys so having something low maintenance and comfortable is a must for me and these extensions are incredibly natural feeling. Another thing is every time I go see Ashley I always know I will look amazing- she is so talented at what she does and I can just relax in her chair. If you are on the fence about getting NBR extensions- go for it! You won’t regret it! 

Liz Little

I absolutely love my NBR hair extensions.  They feel extremely light and allow me to wear my hair in so many different ways.  They look very natural and I often forget that I even have extensions in my hair.  I naturally have very fine hair, so having the extensions has absolutely changed my life.  I highly recommend them.

Brooks Hachey