Why An Application for Hair Extensions?

Let's talk about the application process.

I realize that to some, filling out an application to become a guest at my salon might be a new experience.  I would like to explain why I use an application and hope that it makes you more comfortable to fill it out already!

 Firstly, I would like to point out that the intention of an application is not to be stand offish.  I am happy to answer questions anyone has over the phone, email, or messaging.  It is 100% for facts that help determine if extensions would work for you and what you want to achieve with them so I can deliver this to you.  It is the first step in the consultation process and it saves you from having to take the time to come into the salon for a face to face consultation.  I will add that there are times a face to face consultation is necessary which would be determined after reviewing your application.    

In the application you will answer some questions, for example,  why do you want extensions?  This helps me to understand if you are trying to thicken up thin hair, if you have had issues with your hair in the past that you hope extensions will help with, etc.  Another question is have you had extensions in the past or are currently wearing them.  This is important because I would like to know if you are already going to have extensions in that I need to remove before the service (some extensions require specific products for removal and I don't carry all of them).  I ask you to send me photos of your hair, a front shot and a back shot.  I get it, if you are self conscious about your hair you may not want to send photos.  Here's the thing, I am the only person that will see your pictures, they do not get used for social media purposes or anything other than I get to see what your hair looks like, colour, density, texture, length and so on.  This step is necessary so I know what we are working with so I can let you know if you can achieve your hair goals and what I will need to do it.  The final piece is an inspiration photo.  What would you like your hair to look like with the extensions?  So much can get lost in translation and it is so important that I am clear as to your expectations of what you want your hair to look like.  From there I can tell you "yes" this is totally possible and here is exactly what it will cost, or "sorry this look is not achievable for reasons x,y,and z, let's look at other options". 

Once you have submitted your application I will reach out to you within 1 to 2 days.  We will set up a time to chat over the phone and go over all details.  If NBR is suitable for you and I can deliver to you your hair of your dreams, I will quote you an exact price for installation as well as maintenance appointments and book you into my schedule.    

I hope this has helped you to understand the use of the application.  There are so many possibilities and factors with hair extensions, it's not a one size fits all scenario.   

If you are interested in experiencing NBR hair extensions just go ahead and fill out the application.  We can have a chat and there is no pressure to move forward with the process if you decide it's not what you want.  There is also no charge for consultation so you have nothing to loose by filling it out.

I look forward to talking to you and helping you achieve your dream hair.         

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