At Home Colour Kit

During this time while we are all doing our part to social distance ourselves we would like to offer you an option to help keep your hair looking good.  If you are a client at the salon we already have your colour formula on file.  All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire below.  An email will be sent to you for your payment and your At Home Colour Kit will be delivered to your house.  


Your kit will include: 

- Your custom colour prepared syringes

- Gloves

- Colour brush


How to use your kit:

- Put on your gloves

- Use a glass bowl.   Put all the contents of syringe "A" in the bowl followed by all the contents of syringe "B". 

- If your formula consists of 4 syringes you will need 2 glass bowls and mix "A" with "B" and then "C" with "D".  

- When you have two formulas "A" and "B" will be for your roots and "C" and "D" will be for your ends

- Stir very well with colour brush and apply colour immediately.

- Your processing time will be indicated on the instruction sheet in your kit so remember to set a timer and wait

- Once your processing is complete rinse hair thoroughly, shampoo and condition  


The cost?

$50 plus tax for root touch ups or toners

$70 plus tax for full head colour

Delivery is FREE!

The cost of not having to box colour your hair and realize you chose the wrong colour and times are hard enough right now.................. priceless!

We are here to help you even though we can't physically do your hair right now.  I hope you all stay healthy and we will get through this together.